Building a EDC mini-toolkit

I'll never be without a 10mm socket again...

The other day the battery in my truck died. No big deal right? Grab a new battery and a 10mm socket & ratchet and your good to go in 10 minutes. Unless you don't have a 10mm socket.

This was where I found myself when my battery died. I was in the Autozone parking lot. Luckily, I knew my battery was dead-dead at home and was able to receive a jump to drive to Autozone. I purchased a new battery but couldn't get home so I had to change it in the parking lot. I have some tools in my truck, one being a large-ish adjustable wrench. Should work in theory, right? Right - except the head of the wrench was far too large to get to the terminal connectiong on the battery.

So I was stuck. This caused me to rely on someone else to bring me a socket set that I could use. I would much rather be self-sufficient and independent in these scenarios, regardless of how greatful I am that I could find someone to help me out.

This led to me building my own mini-kit that I can keep in my truck and also bring with me on any longer trip. For example we are heading to northern Maine this coming weekend but taking my wifes car for the dog, and I will bring this along with us in her car.

The full spread

Here are the complete contents for this kit:

This entire kit is pretty small considering all of its capabilities. It closes easily and stays really well organized in this pouch. This is a knock-off Maxpedition kit.