August's Monthly Favorite's List

August has been quite the month to celebrate turning 30!

Monthly Favorites

This has been a long, but exceedingly fast, month. We have been in our house for 2 months now. I turned 30. I started a new class. It's been a hot and long drought (for Maine).



  • Stranger Things 4 - w o w... In preperation for this new season my wife and I rewatched all of ST. What a great idea that was, it really helped re-foster feelings for all of these wonderful characters. But Eddie really stole the show for me personally. Well worth your time to watch ST4 and even re-watch all seasons of ST.


  • Levi's Stock Trucker Jacket - in tan; I love that this is kind of a cross between a classic chore coat and a jean jacket. It has made the perfect work-wear coat on cooler days, which are far-and-few between. I am very excited to wear this daily in the fall.
  • Carhartt Moc-Toe Boot - 6 inch; These were actually a 30th birthday gift from my wonderful wife. I don't think I have really taken these off since I opened them. They are super comfortable, waterproof, and sturdy. These are me daily wear boot for pretty much everything except when working on the ranch. (Fair warning, these run large! I had to size down about a full size from my standard shoe size)


  • I am currently in the middle of an Infrastructure Engineering "bootcamp" that will last until early December. So my brain has been overflowing with learning materials. I will likely make an entirely seperate post about that experience.