April's Monthly Favorites

Now that the month of April is coming to a close, here are some of my top things from the past 30 days.

Monthly Favorites

I wanted to start a collection/roundup of the things I am doing/consuming on a monthly-basis. Kind of a journal, kind of a bookmarks folder. A place that I can share maybe a few things of interest and continue to spread the love.

This series is inspired by the same series done by Natalie Allen. Hoping I can remember to make one of these lists every month!


  • Paul Dorion and C.J. Box have been two of my favorite authors lately and yes, I started reading them before they had TV Specials lol. I am only on the third book in Paul's series that revolves around Maine Game Warden Mike Bowditch. I feel really connected to this character for some reason, possibly because the setting is in Maine? Either way, if you are into a solid mystery/thriller series I can't recommend his books enough.


  • Breaking Bad - We are re-watching this series and wow, I forgot how masterfully it was made. Scene after scene, shot after shot, I am blown away at how it was filmed. The foreshadowing as well is so well done now that I am watching it again.
  • CODA - Okay, now this one really got me. I won't spoil anything, just watch it. Trust me. It hit me in all the right feelings and got me going. The dad is by far my favorite character.


  • Muck Boots - "Mud Season" is here in Maine and working on a ranch weekly can get muddy real quick. Purchasing my first real pair of Muck Boots has saved the lives of countless other pairs of boots.


  • Buzz Coffee - Okay listen, I'm not what I would call a "coffee snob". I love my Starbucks and Dunks as much as the next New Englander, but, nothing really beats coffee that is crafted from a small local coffee shop. My newest obsession is Buzz Coffee in Portland. They are located in a small basement shop and are some of the friendliest dudes I know. They also make a mean cup of coffee with some homegrown Maine Maple Syrup.
  • Après - Maine has it's fair share of unbeivable breweries and I love all of them. Somethimes however, we need a place that isn't just IPAs. We need to cater to everyone in our group and Après can accomidate everyone. Their own hard seltzer is delicous and goes down too easy. They also carry local wine beer and NA beverages to everyone can hang.


  • As we continue our adventure through the home-buying process we are constantly learning. There is so much new vocabulary to learn and acronyms to understand. I have truly been leaning on the NerdWallet website to help break down different processes and terms into some lingo a non-financial person, like myself, can understand.